California / Science

Creative Science

One thing I love about the scientific community is how amazingly creative everyone is. The stereotype of the boring scientist who doesn’t think past “his” work is not only a stereotype, I don’t even know how it could have become one. Every scientist I know, pursues a creative focus from brewing award-winning beer to writing and all the other other stuff in between that orbits creativity.

Kick-ass scientist extraordinaire Anca Segall is one of those creatives who also runs a top lab out of San Diego.

Here is a short story she wrote.

Here is a poem she composed in imitation of Elizabeth Bishop’s “One Art” (who doesn’t love that poem?).

Here is a collaborative project with Arzu Ozkal. Another amazing woman who lives her art in a way that shows artists they don’t have to be allergic to science; rather, she integrates both disciplines in ways that enrich her work.

Let’s do more art+science play!


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