2.1 Homesteading (4)

Our first inoculation (whether with vaginal or skin microbes) initially operates based on fermentative abilities of the colonizing microbes, setting up a micro-biont social class system that is important for the health of our holobionts. First facultative microbes move in; then obligate anaerobes[1] slide into the functional niches made as the oxygen gets all used … Continue reading


2.1 Homesteading (3)

We talked briefly that certain studies postulate that the current human-microbe relationship began with the dawn of agriculture when humans began to actively shape and structure their external ecosystem[i]. So a relationship began that has continued for thousands of years: we are born, inoculated, and select[1] for the microbes that will make our human holobiont … Continue reading



One of the things that struck me last year about the beach town of Estoril/Cascais in Portugal is that everyone goes to the beach. I mean EVERYONE. There are naked babies and topless grandmas. Bodies (or “houses” as my friends who live here call them) of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and stages of undress. … Continue reading