Here are a few things about me:

I am from California. All. Of. It. (seriously)

I’ve played student, professor, scientist, writer, hostess, chef, mother, artist, wine-pourer at various points in my life (never on TV). I have a BA in English Literature, a BS in Biochemistry, an MA in English Literature (emphasis in creative nonfiction), an MS in Molecular Biology (emphasis in virology), and an MFA in Creative Writing (fiction). I am truly a master of all trades and doctor of none.

I once made a hepatitis C virus (almost) from scratch.

Though I am incredibly geocentric, I do leave California from time to time.

I straddle the world of science and art/literature. My goal is that one day there won’t be such a perceived gap between them. Scientists are artists, and artists are scientists. In addition to collaborations with scientists in San Diego, I’m writing a popular science book about the microbes and viruses that live in your gut and affect your disease state, health, weight, genetics, personality, pretty much everything about you. It’s about all that and poo.

I own Wholon (pronounced HOLE-ON), a business that facilitates collaborations between creative and scientific thinkers.  www.wholon.org

I believe that community is what adds value to our lives and that we need to work hard to nurture that community.

I used to think I was utterly unique. I have since learned that I am not. Now I believe that being unique counts for much less than being loving. I also believe that if you are truly loving, you are pretty unique as that is a rare trait.

I am an introvert.

I don’t have a bucket list.

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