Thinking Like a Phage

cropped-unspecified-251I’m super excited to announce the arrival of Thinking Like a Phage, a beautiful and insightful book about the most abundant life form on the planet: viruses – specifically bacteriophages, the viruses that infect bacteria.

Written by Merry Youle, who is not only my personal hero but whose life trajectory shows that you can do really cool non-science things in your life and still be an expert in a scientific field, TLAP (as we affectionately call it) educates its readers on how phages hunt, infect, multiply, and make sweet sweet love to their hosts. Vampires have nothing on how sexy phages can be.

Another personal hero of mine, fine artist Leah Pantéa did the illustrations which nicely capture how weird and wonderful phages can be.

Science does not have to be boring nor inaccessible to be accurate. Merry’s project with Leah’s help brings complex scientific ideas to all us.

Check out the free sampler here, then buy a copy on Amazon or Barnes&Noble.

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