Hello. This is my first time in the cyberworld, and despite my love for cyberpunk fiction (see William Gibson and Pat Cadigan), my computer skills don’t extend far beyond Microsoft Word. However, something has changed in my life. Something that has driven me to sound my barbaric yawp over the cold blue tones of cyberspace. That something is produce. Yes, dear unknown readers, I just named vegetables and fruits of the local and organically grown nature. In short, I have joined a CSA, specifically Be Wise Ranch. This experience has driven me from the happy numbers of those who dine out on a regular basis into a woman who not only plans for dinner but dreams and obsesses about it as well. I have over six pounds of random produce I must get rid of weekly; the stress is almost unbearable.

So, inspired by Julie Powell‘s amazingly insightful and funny book (she also had a blog that started it all), I’ve decided to chronicle my misadventures (possibly in an ill-disguised attempt to a) pretend I am actually sane and b) get published–but I’ll never tell . . .).

Enjoy. Or don’t (but don’t tell me).

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