A new decade calls for reflection on who I am now and who I want to be going forward. So many of my 2019 intentions are coming with me into the roaring 20s: be kind to myself, nurture my kid into a solid human, and live always in love.
New in 2020 is to find peace in that I am a person who does many and diverse things and that is okay. I don’t need to stick to one thing to stay on “brand”; I can write fiction and nonfiction books, design and run an interdisciplinary major, own a business that works with artists and scientists, read, collect art and rocks, garden, travel, grow in my faith, date the Pacific Ocean, cook daily, build community, practice hospitality, buy a house.
Like a clade depicts, many seemingly unrelated organisms can have a common starting point. My clade represents my projects and passions and how many possibilities can originate from me.
Thank goodness that Leah Pantéa (who is also an amazing fine artist) is here to design an image that is so very me.

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