Stop. See.


I spend much of my life hustling through tasks until the day when my real life magically starts. But in September, I decided that this is my real life and I need to actually live it. To put practices in place that feed who I am.

One of those practices is to stop and see things that strike me. It doesn’t matter if I am trying to get somewhere, I stop. It’s a newish practice, so often I don’t stop and then at some point down the road, I U-turn to return to the place where I wanted to stop in the first place. I’m learning to just listen to my instinct so that I have fewer U-turns in my life.

I still feel super stressed, but I’m also looking at the successes I’ve had in feeding my soul. I’m not great at carving out space, but I’m getting better. U-turn by U-turn.

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