A Free Day

In the last week, my son has had to turn in two big projects. One was a chapbook of his design of 28 poems that he wrote and edited. The other was a scrapbook book report about By the Great Horned Spoon! that had to look authentic, contain various authentic elements (newspaper articles, letters home, maps, souvenirs, etc . . .). Neither were simple. In fact, I believe the poetry chapbook was a SEMESTER-LONG project I did when I was in GRAD SCHOOL not a two-week project in fourth grade.

The thing is that both projects are really cool. It’s just that my son has an aversion to home work and we didn’t have a lot of time. Needless to say, words were yelled, tears were shed, drafts were rewritten, and gold glitter now covers my house; but my son completed his projects. And he did 95% of them all on his own (which is more than most of the kids in his class can say). So I told him that today–the day he turned in his last big project–he could have a free day and we would do anything he wanted after school.

Oh and after my conference call from four to five pm.

He wanted to go to the library and then read together while we ate Thai food.

My son is the best human in the world.

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  1. So proud he did his homework on his own. And glad you spent some quality time together. Give him a hug from Her.

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