One of Those

It’s been one of those days when you

a. get nothing really done despite your best attempts at being productive

b. have a date with a friend you haven’t seen in forever and feel that you dominated the conversation despite your best intentions of listening

c. your kid was an asshole despite your best attempt at parenting

d. your printer was an asshole despite your best attempt at troubleshooting

e. you end up screaming at either c or d in utter frustration

It doesn’t matter which because your kid was there and is now scarred for life.

(secret f. can’t figure out how to spell “scarred” and are too spent to look it up)

Total fail.

(secret g. haven’t given the new (as of a month) neighbors a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift yet)



  1. Can’t spell scarred and too scared (or maybe scarred) to look it up? I can’t spell that word either – I thought it was just me! Hope you are having no more of those days.

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