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2.1 Homesteading (5)

In the colon, anaerobic microbes process energy mostly using fermentation[1]. Fermentation underlies all metabolic processes and isn’t limited to the colon; as it is the most important anaerobic metabolism, fermentation occurs all over the body (both human bodies and otherwise). However, the colon has the most concentrated fermentative space in our holobionts. So how does … Continue reading


2.1 Homesteading (4)

Our first inoculation (whether with vaginal or skin microbes) initially operates based on fermentative abilities of the colonizing microbes, setting up a micro-biont social class system that is important for the health of our holobionts. First facultative microbes move in; then obligate anaerobes[1] slide into the functional niches made as the oxygen gets all used … Continue reading